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  1. Templates provided on this website are designed to provide affordable DIY solutions that align with MPA Content Security Best Practices.

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Corporate Governance Policy Templates


  1. Company Structure

  2. Segregation of Duties

  3. Machine Room, Data Center, Vault, Safe Access List

  4. VPN Access List

  5. Non-Disclosure Agreement

  6. Social Media Policy

  7. Personnel On-boarding

  8. Personnel Off-boarding

  9. Anonymous Reporting

  10. Client Security Requirements

  11. Security Management Team Roles, Responsibilities, Activities

  12. Incident Response Team Roles, Responsibilities, Activities

  13. Data Breach and Incident Response and Notification



Employees, Freelancers, Third-Parties Policy Templates

  1. New hires and terminations for the last 12-months

  2. Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

  3. Freelancer / Third-Party Non-Disclosure Agreement

  4. Visitor Non-Disclosure Agreement

  5. Acceptable Use

  6. Conditions of Employment

  7. Employee ID

  8. Third-Party Personnel Monitoring

  9. Employee Termination Checklist


Visitors Policy Templates

  1. Visitor Escort Policy

  2. Visitor ID


Risk Assessment Policy Templates

  1. Risk Assessment Negative Scenarios

  2. Business Continuity Plan

  3. Disaster Recovery Plan

Facility Policy Templates


  1. Facility and Data Centre Floor Plate

  2. List of Entrance and Exit Points

  3. Power Outage Contingency Plan

  4. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

  5. Key / Prox Card / Fob / Biometric Issuance, Update, Review


Infrastructure Policy Templates

  1. Infrastructure Inventory

  2. Digital Devices Use

  3. Mobile Phone Use

  4. CCTV Verification

  5. Network, VPN, Infrastructure, Storage Architecture Diagrams

  6. Network Connection Review

  7. Risk Assessment Penetration Test

  8. Firewall Management and Alerting

  9. Computing Device Secure Configuration and Hardening

  10. Workstation Hardening

  11. Server Hardening

  12. Network and Communications Hardening

  13. Storage Hardening

  14. Change Management

  15. Patch Management

  16. Vulnerability Assessment

  17. Open Switch Ports

  18. Security Log Review

  19. VPN Access Log Review

  20. Directory Account Creation / Management

  21. Password Policy

  22. Backup and Recovery


Workflow Policy Templates

  1. Content Ingest, Logging, Tracking, Internal Processing, Delivery Workflow

  2. Content Destruction

  3. Content Transfer / Approvals


Training Policy Templates

  1. Senior Management Security Obligations

  2. Security Awareness Training Program