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Assessment Services

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Preparation & Gap Analysis

Have you been requested a Cybersecurity (TPN or ISO/IEC 27001) assessment by any of the studio content owners including Disney, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Sony, Paramount, Bad Robot, Amazon, HBO and Marvel and not sure how to be prepared? We can assist you with gap analysis (assessment preparation), policies and engineering to ensure your facility meets or exceeds MPA Content Security Best Practices prior to commencing an assessment.

Assessment / Audit (Remote or Onsite)

Onsite and remote Assessment where we audit your facility with one of our Accredited TPN Assessors. We can assist you with your first assessment or a renewal, annual assessment.

Post Assessment Remediation (Engineering, Risk & Governance)

We work with you to rectify any engineering or policy shortcomings observed in your cybersecurity posture as a result of your Assessment.


Why work with us?

Our auditors are industry veterans who have worked on multiple shows and have the screen credits to prove it. Having done hundreds of assessments and audits, we intimately understand the complexity of cybersecurity, risks involved in operating a facility and handling vendor content. We can work with you to navigate through the TPN assessment and audit process, the requirements, liaise with the Content Creators on your behalf to bring you a more seamless, stress free, easy and cost effective result.

Service Regions

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SPOC Services

We are here to help you navigate through the assessment process with our Single Point of Contact Services.

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Cybersecurity Services

TPN & ISO/IEC 27001
Assessments, Preparation & Gap Analysis

The Trusted Partner Network is a global film and television content protection initiative established as a joint venture between the MPA and CDSA. We offer TPN auditing and consulting services, including Pre-Assessment Preparation, Pre-Assessment Engineering

Onsite Assessment, Remote Assessment, Post-Assessment Remediation, Post-Assessment Engineering. We can also assist you in implementing the MPA Content Security Best Practices based on your facility type and content handling methods.

Cyber Architecture & Engineering

We are continually on the lookout for the newest technologies and best-of-breed tools in order to architect and build secure networks and systems. We can architect and design solutions to meet your needs incorporating solutions to cover CIS-20, ASD's Essential Eight and OWASP Top 10:  Network Inventory, Asset Discovery, Application White-listing, Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation, EndPoint Protection, Backup and DR, Centralised Logging & SIEM, Secure WiFi, Secure VPN + 2FA, Mobile Device Management, Secure Programming

Consulting, Advise & Training

Don't know where to begin? We are here to help you proactively protect your business against advanced cybersecurity threats. We can advise you on how to go about securing your enterprise, audit your existing networks and systems and work with you to develop security awareness and incident response training programmes.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Do you have a corporate wide strategic plan to meet your cybersecurity objectives? Are you aware of cyber risks within your organisation? Do you need to meet necessary security compliance in order to operate legally or obtain cyber insurances? We can help you implement and maintain a cybersecurity framework that will form the cornerstone of you corporate cyber governance.


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