TPN Assessment Process

Welcome to the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Assessment Process.

Please use this resource to guide you through the initial assessment and re-assessment.

TPN Assessment is a cybersecurity audit where your facility, data centre, cloud integrations and workflows are benchmarked against the MPA Content Security Best Practices Common Guidelines.


Understand the TPN Assessment Process

Familiarise yourself with the TPN Assessment infographic process here.


Get a Quote From Us

Complete the Groundwire Security TPN Mini-Questionnaire. This will allow us to scope the engagement and generate a quote for you.


Request an Assessment from the TPN

Complete the Vendor Assessment Request Form. You must complete this form for all new assessments and re-assessments.


Complete Initial and Extended Questionnaires

Once the request has been fulfilled, please complete the initial and extended questionnaires via the TPN Vendor Portal.


Choose Your Assessor

Via the TPN Vendor Portal, you can choose your preferred Assessor. Please choose either James Bourne or Eugene Purugganan.


Review & Sign the Vendor Assessment Agreement

Once you have completed the TPN's initial and extended questionnaires, please download and review the Vendor Assessment Agreement.


Send Quote and Agreement to TPN

Once you have approved our quote and signed the Vendor Assessment Agreement we will send both documents to the TPN for processing.


Receive Executed Agreement & Invoice from the TPN

You will receive a copy of the fully executed Vendor Assessment Agreement and an invoice directly from the TPN.


Make Payment to the TPN

You will need to pay the TPN for the assessment. Once payment is received by the TPN, your assessment will be ungated and released to your Assessor.


Schedule the Assessment

Your Assessor will schedule a kickoff meeting and remote assessment interviews or onsite assessment date(s) and submit a materials request to you.


Materials Request and Assessment

Prepare your assessment materials as directed by your Assessor. Your Assessor will then complete remote assessment interviews or visit your facility to complete the onsite assessment.   .


Draft Report Submission to the TPN

Once your Assessor has completed a draft of your assessment report, your Assessor will submit the draft assessment report to the TPN.


Draft Report Release and Review

The draft version of the report will be released to you for review. Your Assessor will work with you on any inaccuracies or invalid remediation items as necessary.


Final Report Submission

Once you approve the draft report, your Assessor will submit the report to the TPN for final quality assurance.


Final Quality Assurance and Publishing

The TPN will then review, quality assure and publish your report. The quality assurance process can take up to 10 business days.


Assessment Process Completion

Once the report is published, you will receive your assessment certificate and TPN logos. The assessment process is now complete. Your report will be made available to all MPA, CDSA and ACE member studio content owners.


Remediation Items

You will then get to work resolving remediation items. Submit remediation items evidence for review by the TPN Auditors via the TPN Vendor Portal. Once you have completed / closed off all remediation items you will be required to complete the quarterly check-in.



Your assessment is valid for one year. You will then need to be re-assessed. To commence the re-assessment process, go to step 1 above!


Post Assessment Feedback

Once the report is published, you will receive your assessment certificate, post-assessment feedback questionnaire and TPN logos.

Still not sure how to proceed?